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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do not make a mistake and Negotiate the Offer with Home inspection contingency :

Do not make a mistake and Negotiate the Offer with Home inspection contingency : First of all make sure Before making a offer look at Comparable sales are similar type homes in the same subdivision that have sold within the past 6 months. By this way you are not making offer over the price of the neighborhood .

Most seller and listing Agents likes to sell the property to someone that they have little knowledge about them. A good Buyer Agent can help by introducing her or himself and go over the Buyers positive motives and desires about the home with the listing Agent.Some how it will help all parties to work with each other.

Back to inspection Contingency, Yes it is a good idea to get the home inspected.

Buyers should be at the inspection time, Inspector will go over all different part of the house , explain what might need to be done in future to maintain home and avoid costly mistakes. Inspection cost roughly between $300-500 . it worth every penny, The education that the new home buyer gets about the home just about to buy.About the life of the Major appliances and the condition of the foundation and the roof. It is about 3 to 4 hours of ins and outs of the new home . At the end you can Negotiate with the Seller to do the repairs or get cash contribution at closing.There is how lot more to cover... You can write to me if you have any question about buying and selling ...Or pass on my number to someone that you might think can benefit from my experience... there is no cost to you

Monday, April 26, 2010

7 Points about Buying a Short Sale

What is short sale?

Home values is the lower than the Mortgage balance on the property. Then sellers do not receive enough cash from a buyer to pay off their existing mortgages, providing lenders agree to take less than the amount owed to them.
1) Seller Qualifications.
Sellers must prove a hardship and submit evidence of the hardship to the lender for approval. Some agents list homes as short sales without ever talking to the lenders or pre-qualifying the sellers.

2) Seller Agent Qualification.
Inexperienced real estate agents might push a seller into considering a short sale when the seller does not qualify for a short sale.The Listing Agent list home so low that buyer think that they are getting a Bargain.

3) Homes Sell close to Market Price.
In Fact, The Lenders will have the third party appraiser or independent broker to look into the value. Lenders often agree to a short sale if the contract price is close to the true value of the property.

4) Homes Sold with as is condition.
Since Seller get no money in the short sale process, then the buyer end up buying the property as is. It is wise to the Home Inspection to see what you are getting.

5) Lenders take their time.
Most often that Lenders takes as much as 3 month to process a short sale. So give your self ample time and be prepared to close once the Lender approve the short sale.

6) Lenders change the terms of the contract.
In order Lender to maximize of what they get out of deal. Often do not pay all closing cost neither as much as commission to the agents, taxes and or back dues HOA Fees. A Good Buyer Agent get all the facts up front.

7)Hire a Experienced Buyer Agent. So A buyer Agent have to ask a lot of qualifying questions to make sure that the buyers and sellers are not wasting their Time.
For the past 24 month I have successfully represent Buyers and sellers in short sale process.

Friday, April 23, 2010

3 Major Home Buying Mistakes - How to Avoid Them

Buyers withhold information from their Agent - Buy stuff on Credit - Buying the Wrong House

The Most important Rule of all ... make sure that you work with the Agent that you are comfortable with and He or she have enough experience to give you the right advice. You can ask me I will tell you more about it

Do not go out buy stuff on credit like; a car furniture and get new credit cards ... this actions have negative consequences on your credit score then you may have to settle for less on your qualification. You can ask me I will tell you more about it.

Buying the Wrong House; Figure out what features and benefits are most important and which you can live without Make a priority list Sometimes I have seen that some focus not buy enough then they have to move in 5 years
or buy too much that can not make the payment after the first 6 month.Consult with me, get a professional opinion it is right thing to do

Guide to Home Buying a Home Step-by-Step

Before Buying a Home, Get Your Finances In Order

Line up your financing, set aside a down payment and study the loan programs available. By doing your homework, you will know exactly how much you can pay and what it will cost you.I h...ave some options that might be the right fit for you.

* Order a Free Credit Report.
Give yourself time to clean up a credit report that contains mistakes. Dispute errors. Try to reduce your monthly debt obligations now by paying down those loan balances.

* Find a Lender.
Check out places to get a mortgage and compare rates and fees. Start with your own financial institution, then interview a few mortgage brokers and choose a loan product you completely understand.

* Determine a Down Payment.
The more you put down, the lower your monthly mortgage payment.

* Consider FHA Loans.
FHA loans carry competitive interest rates, come with minimum down payment requirements and allow sellers to pay some or all of your closing costs.

* Get a Approval Letter.
Showing the seller you are already pre-approved for a loan gives you an edge during offer negotiation.

Financing Options for first Home Buyers in Montgomery County
HOC Rates at 4.75% Fixed with up to$10K loan towards closing Cost at 5% Rate

Financing Options for first Home Buyers in Rockville Maryland
The maximum R.E.A.C.H. down payment and
closing cost
assistance shall be $12,000. It is an interest-free

loan that must be repaid over Seven (7) years.

Of course there some restriction on some of these loan Programs,,, Be in touch with me and I will get more details for you.....

You can always call me at 2408763419 for the list of lenders, new programs, up dated information about what Market offers